(L)earn Bitcoin is a concise and approachable introduction to all the aspects surrounding the topic. The book breaks down what has taken most Bitcoiners years to learn into a quick read. It gives you the why and how to get started (l)earning it. The masterful organization and flow from one subject area to the next actually make Bitcoin simple to understand.

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Learn Bitcoin book


(L)earn Bitcoin is the best guide to decide why and how you should enter the world of Bitcoin. It presents Bitcoin in all its facets from technical, economical, political and social implications to how it relates to the current monetary landscape. It provides a step-by-step roadmap to navigate this new financial world and sets you up with concrete recommendations on how to safely acquire, earn and store bitcoin. Ascending the staircase of financial sovereignty will gain you personal freedom and control over your money.

In this book you will find answers to the questions of what money is, where it comes from, its historical development, blockchain technology and Bitcoin specifically. It gives answers to the why and how to use Bitcoin while at the same time debunking popular myths and misunderstandings surrounding cryptocurrencies. I take a deep dive into Bitcoin's development since its inception in 2008 and give an outlook on future applications of money based on Bitcoin.

While mainstream media and economic pundits in the Western world think that it's just a tool for speculation, my goal is to spread the word about Bitcoin as an enabler of financial fairness and social change. What goes unmentioned are the positive real world implications that a truly permissionless, uncensorable, neutral digital asset with a fixed supply offers.

Later in the book I will focus on the more practical applications of Bitcoin (BTC) and how you can safely acquire and store it. You will learn how to gain confidence by starting with small amounts, how to minimize the existing risks and proceed strategically and efficiently in storing your wealth long-term.

This is neither financial advice, nor a trading guide to the thousands of Altcoins in existence. If you are only interested in short-term gains, treating money like you're gambling in a casino, this book is not for you. It's for people who want to (l)earn and understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin and control their funds in a self-sovereign manner.

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Jameson Lopp, Co-founder & CTO, Casa
"What is Bitcoin?" To even begin to start answering this question, one must first ask "what is money?" Anita takes the reader through this journey of learning about money so that they can understand why Bitcoin is the next leap forward in financial technology. Once you know the "why?" then there is the issue of "how?" With great sovereignty comes great responsibility; in order to safely navigate this new system youโ€™ll need the knowledge and tools that this book provides."
Lyn Alden, Investment Strategist
"Anita has done tremendous work in the Bitcoin community, including and especially the content she has produced about Bitcoinโ€™s use in less-privileged regions of the world. Her book is a concise and approachable introduction to Bitcoin that covers all of the major topics for someone to get started."
Andreas M. Antonopoulos, author "Mastering Bitcoin" and "The Internet of Money"
"Anita Posch is one of the most productive and insightful German voices in the Bitcoin space. Her work makes Bitcoin approachable, understandable and compelling to those who are new to Bitcoin and helps them on their journey to become experts. In an environment filled with noise, her work is crystal clear and honest."
Nic Carter, Partner, Castle Island Ventures
"Anita is one of the preeminent Bitcoin educators, demonstrating an unmatched breadth of interest and curiosity. Her book is a fitting summary to her tireless work, and represents an invaluable contribution to the ever-growing and rich body of knowledge surrounding Bitcoin."
Michael Peterson, Bitcoin Beach, El Salvador
"Anita has distilled what has taken most Bitcoiners years to learn (myself included) into a few hour read. The masterful organization and flow from one subject area to the next actually make Bitcoin seem simple to explain. It is hard to believe she is able to tackle the enormity of Bitcoin in so few pages. Anita handily dispels the ill-informed criticism in the west that Bitcoin is a solution in search of a problem. She gives numerous clear and understandable examples of how Bitcoin improves the lives of those who have been excluded and/or enslaved by the current financial system. This book is a must read for government officials and non-profits who want to really understand why projects like Bitcoin Beach can bring economic empowerment instead of the economic dependence that often results from fiat-based development efforts."
Thomas Voegtlin, Founder & CEO, Electrum
"It is no simple task to explain Bitcoin, the new elephant in the room of finance. Like blind men, specialists often limit their description to a narrow field of expertise. Anita's angle of attack is holistic, synthetic and clear. It brings a fresh look to 'the people's money'."
exiledsurfer, Founder, Parallele Polis, Comms Lead at SovrynBTC
"The best teachers are students. Since the first day that Anita popped up on my radar, she has been a curious and insightful researcher and promoter of Bitcoin's revolutionary technology. Gleaning wheat from chaff, she writes with the simplicity, clarity, and precision necessary for a complex topic demanding expertise in multiple disciplines. Sovryn is proud to sponsor the publication of (L)earn Bitcoin as part of our mission to make Bitcoin unstoppable."
Hass McCook, Engineer and Bitcoin Evangelist
"It has been great to see Anita's journey over the past several years, speaking to and learning from the best in the industry, all around the world, and making it accessible to beginners. One of the hardest workers in the space, and a great person to learn from!"
Jukka Blomberg, Chief Marketing Officer, LocalBitcoins
"Anita Posch is one of the inspiring voices in the Bitcoin sphere. Her inclusive approach and engaging writing style will offer an easy start for a novice as well as experienced Bitcoiners and crypto-folks. Great reading for anyone interested in all things crypto."
Johannes Grill, President Bitcoin Austria
"Buying bitcoin is easier than ever today. Storing your own bitcoin long-term and safely requires a minimum of technical and economic understanding. This book provides the necessary basics to keep you in control of your money. Wherever the Bitcoin journey takes us, investing in this book is a sure win."


Anita Posch is a Bitcoin educator, author, the founder of Bitcoin for Fairness - an educational non-profit initiative. Crack the Orange is Anita's online learning program, designed to bring Bitcoin education to anyone. Bitcoin is money from the people, for the people. Its mathematical rules can't be corrupted - neither by governments nor by billionaires. This guarantees a level of fairness which cannot be achieved in traditional human driven systems. It gives underprivileged individuals, such as people from developing nations, women, and oppressed minority groups, the chance to participate globally in a free and private manner with each other. This freedom to exchange value, unleashing people's creativity and innovation, is what drives Anita Posch.
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